Brother PDS-6000F Professional Office Scanner

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If your scanning tasks often feel like a marathon effort, the PDS-6000F will transform the way you work. With USB 3.0 connectivity, an impressive scan rate of up to 80ppm and advanced image processing features. You can power through your scanning tasks quicker than ever before. The PDS-6000F has a range of advanced scanning functions including multi-feed detection, a reverse roller system and mechanical de-skew to ensure smooth running and low jam rates. Dual CCD (charged coupled device) sensor technology makes your documents more precise than ever. Images are sharper and clearer, whilst a TWAIN software driver provides colour match, hole-punch removal and blank page skipping functionality, cutting wastage and improving document quality. Other features which are included in the PDS-6000F are: Page clean - Filter unwanted background marks such as hole punch circles and ink speckles. Colour Dropout - Remove unwanted singular colours or complete background colour for sharper, easy to read text. Colour Detect - Eliminate the need to pre-sort colour and mono documents, saving preparation time. Multi Stream - Save scanned images in three colour formats (full colour, mono, greyscale) for flexible filing and referencing. Blank Page Removal - Blank page scans can be automatically detected and removed, reducing file size when sharing and saving paper when printing. Compatible with key drivers including: TWAIN, WIA, ICA, SANE, ISIS, plus Kofax VRS** software compatibility, ensuring easy integration with many industry scanning productivity software and systems. **software not included