E8 Price Gun Grey - 22x12mm

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Kit supplied with 10,000 22x12 labels and 2 spare 25mm ink. This Pricing gun takes the Popular 22x12 CT1 labels and are available form our shop here. Attributes: Stylish & Durable design Quick release machanism for changing gun labels. Manufactured ISO 9001 certified quality-control system Adopt advanced plastic engineering, Fibre Reinforced Plastic Can print 8 digits on one line Each Digit containing 13 codes Clean & Accurate printing Currency symbols including £ and € Gun takes popular 22 x 12mm labels  Iojkjjkljjdcscdslooojhu Additional ink for this price gun is available here.


Compatible Label Size 22x12mm
Number of Labels 10000
Included Ink 25mm Ink
Number of Lines 1
Colour Grey