26 x 12mm Best Before CT4 (15,000 Labels)

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1 line 26 x 12 CT4 Labels by Swift Pricing.These labels allow you to quickly mark the prices and will stick to the majority of surfaces with their Permanent GlueIf you are unsure as to compatibility, please see our chart. Remember that these labels will only fit guns that take the size 26 x 12mm labels.Fit a wide range of guns including but not limited to MoTex, Lynx, Puma, Avery, Swift, Puma, Klik, Evo, Open, Sky & Meto10 Rolls of 1500, totalling 15k of labelsMade In ItalyPermanent GlueCT4 Wavy Edge 26x12mm Price Gun labels - Best BeforeClick Here to see our range of price guns and labels