ER 290 - Black & Red

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Keep an extra one or two in stock so when you run out, you won't have to rush out and buy one. Individually sealed Ensures print is crisp and clear for easy reading Ideal for use in businesses or retail environmentsThe ribbons are very easy to fit and are compatible with the following cash registers:Casio 104ER    Casio 105ER   Casio 210ER   Casio 2112ER   Casio 2114ER   Casio 2122ER   Casio 220ER   Casio 230ER    Casio 240CR   Gold G 210    Gold G 211   Gold G 215   Geller CX-200   Geller NT-1104   Geller NT-1108   Geller NT-1110      Omron RS1004   Omron RS1008   Omron RS7   Samsung ER-290   Sharp ER1077   Sharp ER1080   Sharp ER1100 series    Sharp ER2010    Sharp ERA-160   Sharp ERA-170   TEC MA 70    TEC MA 71   TEC MA 78   TEC MA 79