Compatible Brother Tape Cassette M-K221

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Our Brother compatible M Tapes are designed for use in the smaller Brother P-Touch label printer home and hobby models. Unlike the AZe tapes, the Brother M Tapes do not have the laminated layer to protect the print and are therefore not as durable. However, they are ideal for temporary indoor labelling jobs such as labelling up files, folders, school projects and items around the home or office. These are made from a self-adhesive polyester which gives a crisp, clear print that stands out.Our range of M Tapes are suitable for following the P-Touch printers: PT-55, PT-60, PT-65, PT-75, PT-80, PT-85, PT-90, PT-110, BB4, Minitech.


Model Number M-K221
Tape Width 9mm
Tape Length 8m
Colour Black on White Tape
Weight 35g
Compatible With PT-100, PT-110, PT-55BM, PT-55S, PT-65, PT-65SB, PT-65SCCP, PT-65SL, PT-65VP, PT-70, PT-70BBVP, PT-70BM, PT-70BMH, PT-70HK, PT-70HOL, PT-70HOT, PT-70SP, PT-70SR, PT-80, PT-80SCCP, PT-85, PT-90