Lynx Lite PJ16 Price Gun - 26x16mm

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Kit supplied with 11,000 26x16 labels and a spare 20mm ink This Pricing gun takes the Popular 26x16 CT12 labels  This gun has 2 lines of 8 digits so you can effortlessly print out prices and dates. Click Here to Purchase Additional InksClick Here to Purchase Additional Labels Attributes: Stylish & Durable design Latest - One Touch Open System Manufactured ISO 9001 certified quality-control system Can print 8 digits on one line! Clean & Accurate printing This product is made of an excellent high precise mould. It adopts good engeneering plastic, and adopts new modern technology Light weight; compact, suitable for handheld labelling Smooth & Accurate operation, Solid & beautiful design Variety of different currency symbols including £, € and $ signsColour may vary from the picture