Portable Photo Studio X-Large

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Enables professional shooting results for product presentations and subject shots For a professional finish to any product presentation or subject photography you can't go wrong with this mini photo studio Mobile, foldable and light these portable tents are ideal to pack up and take with you ready for any photo opportunity. Made of robust, easy to clean nylon material you don’t need to worry about tears and rips or dirty smudges ruining the light in one of your photos. The mini tent can be easily opened with four flicks of the wrist giving you fuss free assembly. The tent comes with three white screens for optimal distribution of flash light and two coloured background cloths in grey and blue. The portable photo studio is ideal for internet auctions so that you can capture a brilliant picture of your product increasing the chances of a sale. Whether being used by a professional for an organized auction or if you just want to sell an old mobile phone on eBay, the photo studio allows you to get the best possible picture of your product making it irresistible to respective buyers.