Swift Metal Supa Step Kick Stool Grey

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Take a step and don't let anything hold you down- this flashy Swift Metal Supa Step Stool will lift you up in a second! With its' lightweight steel construction and spring-loaded retractable castors this step stool is easy to maneuver, great for kicking along when your hands are otherwise occupied. These kick stools are fitted with a non-slip rubber mat on the platform and a rubber base ring, providing a stable standing surface without damaging the floor. The spring-loaded castor wheels withdraw into the base whenever weight is applied on the platform for increased stability, so you can be certain these step stools are safe to step, stand, and sit on without slipping away. Able to hold up to 150kg in weight, these strong and durable metal step stools are ideal for use in warehouses and storerooms, but not exclusively. These kick stools will also give you a great lift-up at home and in the office, making sure everything you need is within reach. It's OK if black isn't your color- the Swift Metal Supa Step Stool is also available in blue, red, and grey.

Height - 43cm
Base Diameter -41cm
Top Diameter - 28cm

Lightweight steel construction.
Strong and durable
Non-slip rubber mat steps
Fitted with rubber base ring to protect flooring
Fitted with sprung-loaded retractable castors
No tools required for assembly
Easy to maneuver and lift
Stable and safe to use

Available in four different colors: blue, red, white grey and black
Capacity: 150kg load